Meet Your Team Mates

Core Values

Lookin’ forward to meeting
ya, here’s a bit about us
and what we stand for…

Setting New Precedents

We drive innovation and push boundaries for all company activities while understanding that anything worth doing will have roadblocks. We set a new standard of worth for people’s time, data and attention while rewarding what other companies take.

Constant Empathy

We properly gather and interpret data received from our users. Furthermore, we believe it is critical to be regular users of our app in order to understand their pain points. We do not strive for perfection at first, rather we constantly go back to iterate and perfect our strategies.

Taking Extreme Ownership

We take initiative, take action and get stuff done. This happens because we take extreme ownership of our careers and our personal lives while holding ourselves and others accountable to our declared actions.

Taking Pride in Our Craft

Details matter in everything we do. We create and respect processes that allow us to be our best at our craft. We seek out and learn from mentors and take the time to educate and coach others.

Asking Questions

We are always asking questions. We ask a question before we solve the problem. We ask a question when hearing feedback. We ask a question instead of complaining. We ask a question when we disagree as we recognize we may not always be right and there is always more we can learn. After we ask, we listen to understand rather than just listening to form our reply.

Bringing a Sense of Humor

We don’t take ourselves too seriously and we check our egos at the door. We remember that humor is contagious and can offer a new perspective.

The Team

Dan Novaes

Co-founder, CEO

Kiran Panesar

Co-founder, CTO

Ankur Sharma

VP, Operations

Judd Hines

General Counsel

Josh Moyer

Communications & Marketing Manager

Nigel Gomes

Sr. Backend Engineer

Caleb Reynolds

Social Media Manager

Camilla Orduño

UX Designer

Carlos Berrout

Customer Support Manager

Tanner Wilson

Sr. Android Engineer

Carly Wolf

Executive Team Operations

Miguel Lopez

Android Engineer

Natasha Vergara

QA Engineer

Ritika Ghai

Customer Success Manager

Marko Vucemilovic Simunovic

QA Engineer

Emmanuel Cortez

Android Engineer

Victoria Stevenson

Product Manager

Angel Morales

iOS Engineer

Fernando Calderón

Backend Engineer

Thomas Verbiscer

Director of Engineering

Jarrett Baugh

Sr. Backend Engineer

John O’Connell

Director of Marketing

Do Nguyen

Sr. Android Engineer

Adriano Filgueira

Sr. Backend Engineer


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